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Episode 43 – Ghost of Internet

Be sure to select HI REZ for maximum viewing satisfaction.


Who Kidnapped Lala?

At 8:34pm PT I received this note:


If you have any information on the whereabouts of Lala or who might have her let us know. Stay tuned to this page for updates.

*9:12pm PT I received this film:

Still no word on who it is or what they want.

*9:55pm PT
Apparently something will happen soon.

*9:00am PT – I have been sent a tiki mail with the words
“I need more time. In an hour my plans will be revealed”.
Curses, I set my alarm clock for this and everything.
Must be some kind of a video problem. Kidnappers, eh?
Totally unreliable these days.

*9:42am PT – The Kidnapper reveals himself !

We Love Ning


I am darn suspicious of technology. I’ve seen firsthand what can happen when a Robot tries to find love in the bottom of a bottle. But one thing I do know is a good online party and ours is built on the Ning platform.

When it came time to upgrade from our old forums we were enticed by the killer create-your-own social network stylings of Ning.


I’ve personally never experienced better customer service or attention from any online company. If you haven’t joined our community then, damn it man, hurry up and do. If you are looking to start your own social network and don’t have two pennies to rub together well you can do it for free on Ning.

That’s right, a whole social network with full functionality for free. No, they haven’t paid me a red cent to endorse them, but when a company grows they become an easy target for criticism and I for one wish only to raise my tiki mug in salute to them! Oh, and join our community already, Johhny Johhny, Lala, Tiki Tosca, Mr. Ambassador, Miss Stella, Son of the Internet and myself, Doctor Tiki are waiting for you.

The Award Nominated Set


When we decided it was time for Tiki Bar TV to hit the high seas for hi jinx we needed a new set to get us there. We called upon our good friend and talented production designer Mister Kim Bailey. Using ingenuity and a shoe string budget, Kim designed the new Tiki Bar set, rendered a complete 3D CG model for pre-visualization then set about building it.


It was all hands on deck and months of work by dedicated friends and volunteers that led to this ship’s christening. Now the noble set has been honored with a Streamy nomination for Best Art Direction in a Web Series. Documented here are the stages of it’s creation.

Bravo SS Tiki Bar! Bravo Kim Bailey!

Have You Voted Today?


We have finally gotten some attention. But you know us, we need more. Must have
more attention. Vote every day for the Streamys Audience Choice Award or you’re cut off.

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