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Son of Internet to Return

Alex Albrecht to reprise his role as Bastard Illegitimate Son of the Father of the Internet (BISOTFOTI).

Alex Jeff and Lala

Alex Albrecht (Totally Rad Show, Diggnation) stunned audiences worldwide with his compelling performance of a man tormented by his oppressive master control father in the groundbreaking
Episode 20 – Son of Internet.

“I said I would come back only if the script was just right.”, says Albrecht. “When Jeff showed me the completed draft on the back of a cocktail napkin I was stunned. I said ‘Jeff, who is Cindi and why the hell are you giving me her number??’ He then turned it over and I saw it, the genius script that we had to make.”

Wednesday, unprincipled photography wrapped on the riveting revival sequel episode in which Alex’s character is said to seek “re-animation”. ‘Untitled Son of Internet Project’ is accepting suggestions for a title. The release date is yet to be announced but sources close to the *source indicate “about two weeks”.

(*The source is me.)

We’re having a Party and You’re Invited!!

‘Fishbone’ Outtakes & Deleted Scenes

Be sure to watch Episode 42 – ‘Fishbone’ before watching the outtakes. Otherwise these outtakes wouldn’t make much sense would they? Not that the episode itself makes any sense. Come to think of it this whole series might be a write-off. You know, this little blurb is quite pointless too.

At any rate, for those of you fine folk who subscribe via iTunes and such, we post the episodes on this website about a week or so before podcasting them. So if you want to be first to watch fresh episodes get an alert by signing up for the newsletter.

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Fishbone Newsletter

Internet Compliant Link

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Episode 42: Fishbone

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How to Stop Being Naked

Wear a shirt damnit! We’ve got so many great new t-shirt designs that
we can’t decide which ones to make. Help us pick. Time to stop being naked.
What would you wear?


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