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Who is Gaming the System?

I’d like to tell you about some troubling things that we’ve noticed aboard the SS Tiki.

  • Doctor Tiki spotted a flock of flying red boxes off the starboard bow.
  • Drinkbot has been needing more Mai Tais than usual to stay operational.
  • The machinery that Johnny Johnny bought to help keep the ship afloat is making louder noises.
  • Lala found this vodka-soaked scrap of paper in the hold:


Egad! Do you know what this means ??

It’s all up to you now, friend!

You must guide Johnny Johnny on his quest to rid the world of the Russian menace!

Action adventure awaits you in…

Day of the Tiki

Coming to your computer Internet in Summer 2009

Discuss this insanity here.

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  • kzap

    “You instructional video on how to kidnap tikibar personnel was hight informative mother Russia thanks you”
    From the font I think it’s maybe from the Russians. :)

  • OldDave

    Wow! The Canadians are really afraid of the “Russian menace”, is that not true comrads!

  • http://hajeersu.livejournal.com Rick Mosley

    I don

  • http://Website? Skip

    Okay. I am officially hooked. Now that the cast is on a ship, I guess that would be hook, line and sinker…
    Okay, okay I am not a comedy writer. What would it take to get a couple of these shows a month as opposed to a couple months a show? Hmmmm?

    Maybe the cast could be shipwrecked on a desert Island…
    Wait, that was done by Gilligan… but HE didn’t have a Tiki Bar did he?!

    Just wondering.
    Signed Jonesin

  • http://www.virtualvideovault.com Jim Shannon

    Jonesin, you only saw Gilligan once a week. Who knows what he was doing with those coconuts during the rest of the week? Perhaps there was a Tiki Bart V on the other side of the island.

    kzap, tavarishch, ehto ne cyrillic. But it wouldn’t be funny that way, huh?

    Let me see, if I were to kidnap a Tiki Bar employee, who would it be? Who would it be? Who would it….
    (For English majors — should that be “Whom would it be….”)


  • http://hajeersu.livejournal.com/ Rick Mosley

    I don

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