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Introducing Tiki Bar TV Club Memberships!

Membership  has it's something-or-other

Now you can prove you are a member of an elite underground counterculture movement and finally be accepted by your peers. Here’s what you get:

Membership ID Card

Receive your very own, fully certified, signed, stamped and laminated membership card. These are official Learnstitute credentials awarding you full authority to practice the Tiki Sciences.

HD Dolby 5.1 Episodes

Surprise! Since setting sail in Episode 41, we have been shooting and mastering in Hi Definition 720p with a full Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound mix. All those episodes and every subsequent one are yours with membership. Not only that but (using Internet technology) we will deliver them right to your home at no extra cost. *Available for download after May 20 on May 22.

Dolby Digital

Bonus Footage

Don’t wait for the DVDs, now you can see outtakes no one else will get. View alternate takes you never knew existed, hold your head high with the inside scoop your friends will beg you to learn about.

Store Specials

Slash that sticker price with the razor sharp edge of your cost cutting club card. 15% off all merchandise in the store. Plus a chance to buy previously discontinued collectors items and products available only to members. You’ll get first dibs on much tiki goodness.


Secret Happy Hours

It’s no secret that the cast and crew are cocktail friendly. What is a secret is where said people pop in for a quick one. “What?” You say, “You mean pay to come meet you guys for a drink?” Don’t think of it that way, think of it as paying for our friendship. We do pop up in many cities, SF, LA, NYC, Vancouver, Toronto, Austin, London, San Diego to name a few.

Support the Revolution

You can’t put a price tag on knowing that you support creativity and independent internet television. You just can’t. But we can: $49.

That’s just $49 for a whole year of karma, cocktails, comedy, discounts and Dolby™. Think of the bragging rights alone.

Become a member now!

    Join before May 12th to get a signed picture of the cat.

    No wait. Cast! That’s what I meant. The cast. The cat won’t sign anything, he’s a prick.

  • TikiGeeki

    Hey wait… I signed up for $5 a month ($60 a yr)… am I a member too?

  • TikiGeeki

    What the hell… I need the karma…

  • http://www.lonemantis.com erong

    You win. I surrender my credit card!

  • UmbraVirgo

    argh. Wannnnnt, but cannnnn’t. :(

  • http://www.theherne.com Herne

    Does it come with more Lala?

  • KaptnWilly

    I expect clean towels.

  • http://tikibartv.ning.com/profile/hulahoney83 Hulahoney

    Um. I really do want a picture signed by the cat. Mine will go nuts if I can show that off… maybe then they’ll stop leaving mice at my back door.

  • BuBBy

    I can afford $4.17 a month. 14 cents a day. I’ll just have the kids skip lunch every once in a while.

    I’m looking forward to my picture of the cat!


  • Doug

    720p and Dolby Digital?

    Does this mean that reasons 5+ will be released on Blu-Ray? (Drool)

  • http://www.secretlab.com.au/dott Paris

    We can only hope for Blu-Ray, that’d look incredible!

  • JenTiki

    Wait … “reasons 5+”? Did I miss reasons 1-4? And why is Ray blue?

  • Mat Phillips

    Sounds like a good way to support the team, I’m in!

  • http://www.hellolindseylu.com Lu


  • Quinnal

    How about a ‘”secret happy hour” in Australia?

  • Protolictor

    Is there some way to find out if we were one of the first 25?
    I signed up as soon as I got the Twitter update yesterday, but I don’t know how long it’d been up on the site before then.

  • http://www.tikibartv.com Doctor Tiki

    @Protolictor You made the list and the cat agreed to sign your picture.

  • http://www.tikibartv.com Tiki Tosca

    It’s also true that the cat’s not very good at counting. So to help him out, we’ve made it a date. Join the club by May 12th and the little bugger will throw down his paw print.

  • Protolictor

    Sounds like the cat is more agreeable than we were led to believe! (It’s amazing what a little white russian in the milk bowl will do.)

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  • TrudyPrudy

    Just signed up – can I request the cat sign the photo “To Monkey with a Gun”? Nordstrom and Einstein (Our two bouncers) will be tickled pink. Sail on!

  • Doug

    Oh no! I missed signing up by the 12th. I need to quit ignoring those email alerts. I was really looking forward to the signed picture of the cat. Even if he is a prick.

  • Hal

    Okay, okay…I did it.


  • Angel Mercury

    I heard there’s an LA happy hour tonight (Via the twitters) but have gotten no info besides the welcome email. I could use a tiki drink or two.

    Is there going to be some kind of member’s info page or is it all email based?

  • Stamatiki the Greeki-Tiki

    Alas membership is 49 and so am I…which makes me old and cheap…does membership assure that episodes appear less episodically? I’m older and need more in-sure-ance (obscure older movie reference has been inserted here).

    Oh, by the way, f**k the cat!

  • GhostRider

    Ok, Tiki boyz n’ girl… pro bono a LaLa calendar including a lipstick impression and personally autographed inscription, ‘GhostRider, you’re the Greatest! Love, Lala’ and I’ll bite… I mean, subscribe!

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  • Ivan

    For those of us that don’t live in the US, and as such can’t enjoy the happy hours and stuff, is it possible to have a type of membership that gives us just the access to the HD episodes?


  • http://dgorr.com dgorr

    OK, I love you guys and I signed up for membership. Now, how do I access all the benefits you implied that came along with my membership? I’m friggin perplexed. I’m Lala’d. Help!

  • http://none Hand-Schaub

    Been watching for a long time and as an artist I hope you guys can keep it going! Thanks for the lame entertainment… that was a compliment! No really, that was a compliment… your show is lame… in a good way. I just paid $50 to see it again and again so it really is a compliment. Not that a plastic card is worth $50…but support is.

  • Ellis

    I wouldn’t mind signing up for a membership, but the last podcast was June 22nd. Is this show still in production?

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  • Rickeybenefield

    r u guys still there

  • Rickeybenefield

    make mine a double…….

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