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PRESS RELEASE: Day of the Tiki


Tiki Bar TV and Secret Lab Announce First
Official Tiki Bar TV Game: “Day of the Tiki”

May 5, 2009 – Video podcast pioneers Tiki Bar TV  (http://www.tikibartv.com) have joined forces with Secret Lab  (http://www.secretlab.com.au), an independent video game developer, to create video games based on the Tiki Bar TV video podcast.


“Exciting things are happening in the Tiki Bar,” said creator Jeff Macpherson, who stars as Doctor Tiki in the wildly successful, popular podcast Tiki Bar TV. “We are combining the power of video with the fun of game – we intend to call this exciting new medium the Video-Game. Gamers and drinkers alike will be thrilled to use Johnny Johnny like a puppet, and fling him into the face of danger,” enthused the good doctor.

“Our audience has been requesting this for a long time and we’re sure they won’t be disappointed,” added producer Tosca Musk. “This is the beginning of what we hope will be a long and adventurous collaboration.”

The first game to come out of the partnership, entitled Day of the Tiki, will be a 3D platform game initially available for Windows and Mac OS X, followed by a version for the iPhone. The game will be available for digital download.

Paris Buttfield-Addison, Producer at Secret Lab, noted that the project was a perfect fit for the team at Secret Lab: “We make our games with the same irreverent humor that pervades Tiki Bar TV. We are thrilled to collaborate with the ingenious team from the Tiki Bar.”

Day of the Tiki is to be released in Summer 2009.


About Tiki Bar TV Tiki Bar TV

(http://www.tikibartv.com) is an award-winning video podcast and one of the pioneers of new media, consistently drawing strong audiences and bringing a new form of comedy and entertainment to the internet. Tiki Bar TV follows the adventures of Doctor Tiki, Johnny Johnny and Lala as they fight communism while still making time for happy hour.

About Secret Lab Secret Lab

(http://www.secretlab.com.au) is an independent game development studio based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. The company has a passion for developing innovative and exciting games for the desktop and iPhone, and is working on a number of top-secret projects. Recently declassified projects include Button Squid, an innovative Twitter-powered puzzle game, and Day of the Tiki, an incongruously comic 3D platform game based on the wildly successful and stylish podcast Tiki Bar TV.


Tiki Bar TV Club members will get first look at the game with Beta invites.

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  • deputy dawg

    Woo-hoo! Can’t wait to fling the Fez-ster in the face of danger. Go Tikibar TV!

  • http://www.firia.deviantart.com Lyta

    That’s one slick stuff. :D But how well does it play when you’re a few tiki beverages under? ;)

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    Very exciting.

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