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Day of the Tiki teaser

Here it is, your first look at some of the video computer game program ‘Day of the Tiki’.
We’ve been slaving away with Australia’s Secret Lab to concoct the best video game based on a tiki podcast ever!

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  • t3chnomanc3r

    OK, you’ve peaked my interest!

  • http://www.mayemusk.com Maye

    Did I get “the first look” because I’m a member? Looks cool. Now I’m cool. Thanks.

  • http://epicfu.com Steve Woolf

    You guys are rocking it with all the coolest stuff. Can’t wait to see more from this game. :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/herne Herne

    I do not feel teased. And the Russian seems slightly insane.

  • http://www.twitter.com/moosifer Moose

    This pleases me greatly.

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  • molson

    Needs more cow bell… and pirates.

    Any word on which platforms this title will be available? The summer titles were beginning to look a bit anemic you guys have upped the ante… well played.

  • Tim Keenan

    I knew it!

  • BuBBy

    I don’t play many games but I’d play that one. How much you gonna be selling that for?

  • Tenor


    Did you know that there’s an awful videogame with the name Tikibar being sold at Big Fish Games? Does that belong to you guys?

  • BonzoGal

    Waaaaah, that scary man made me cry…

  • Flasterblat

    It is summer already. oh nine even. C’MON!!!
    Don’t tease me like a big… teasing…


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