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Episode 44: Gypsy

Be sure to select HI REZ for maximum viewing satisfaction!

  • TikiDiv

    Super AWESOME! Beginning of a great season!

  • Buckaroo

    Another Great Episode! Thanks to everybody, that was a long dry spell…

  • http://www.secretlab.com.au/dott Paris

    Another awesome episode guys!

    Well done!

  • http://tikibartv.ning.com/profile/hulahoney83 Hulahoney

    I think I want to visit this Tiki Bart V. Sounds like a fab place… plot holes be damned!

  • http://LetsKnit2gether.com eric susch

    I think I might change my name to Bart 5.

  • Tim Keenan

    Two cuties on the S.S. Tiki now? I think you guys need a crew to help deal with them since you obviously can’t by your selves.

  • http://www.theinteractionauts.com SeaBass

    OH no I clicked on Comment before I finished my drink. How will I ever get it back?

  • http://www.theinteractionauts.com SeaBass

    Somehow, I don’t know how but Johnny Johnny knew that Ed McMahon had passed on. Let’s take a moment shall we?

  • Adrian

    Strange that an Ed McMahon joke would be strategically placed in an episode released on the day that Ed McMahon dies. Strange indeed.

  • http://jjohnnydollar.blogspot.com johnny dollar


  • http://www.isthetikibaropen.com TikiPat

    Hey Johnny Johnny: “Plot Hole”? Didn’t you say you were prohibiting Dr. Tiki from inventing new Tiki drinks?

  • Billy’s Dad

    I feel I should have laughed more!

  • Billy’s Dad

    These jokes grow on you. Like mold.

  • http://www.twitter.com/geoffdevereux Tiki ‘Nuck

    Thankfully, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  • Mudddy


    “This is science, Dr. Tiki. Pseudo Science!”

  • http://www.JaneShirek.com Jane Shirek

    The set looks so lush… great depth.

    Those Sirens, Tosca and La La’s with those smiles could shipwreck sailors. Now we know how the SS Minnow was lost.

    I see a major toothpaste company as a new sponsor.

    fun and great job to all!

  • http://www.moosfarm.com Mario Pittore

    Brilliant! As always. Did I mention I am in love with Lala?

    regardless – another awsome episode!


  • http://cirne.com Enric

    Quick, that drink is needed at every Film and TV Studio! National emergency!

  • Mark

    Great job again, The lovely ladies of Tiki Bar Tv are awesome. I would like to see more of the ever exotic Tosca Musk. Her beautiful voice could alone launch a thousand ships. Hardy Har Har. Sail on S.S. Tiki!

  • phil

    Yes. Yes I can believe it’s a show. I hope that answers your question.

  • http://retrovisionmedia.com Lee

    This is what internet media is all about… I am proud of your efforts… live long and stay funny

  • http://tikibartriva.com Robert Martens

    Hello? Is this thing on?

  • http://darkspirefilms.com John

    I really hope you guys continue with the show. Its refreshing to see a truly original concept being brought to the internet.

  • http://moviestarentrepreneur.com Marshall Wayne

    Great stuff! Hot women!

  • Me Dammit!

    Did this show die? Please say it didn’t.

  • Concerned Dave

    Man I hope you guys didn’t jump ship… :)

  • Kevin

    There are children who are 4 months old that have never seen a new episode of Tiki Bar TV. Dear God, won’t you think of the children???

  • Shark Jumper

    You guys really did jump the shark.

    I miss the old Tiki Bar.

  • Scott

    Episodes just keep getting better and better. But I must say Lala is looking particularly foxy in this one. Smashing baby, yea.

  • Steve

    So is Tki Bar TV finished?

  • http://www.starcraft2guidereview.net/shokz-guide-review Shokz Guide Review

    Just stumbled over TikiBarTV – What is this? :P Looks funny and the quality is great but I can't make sense of it.

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