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There’s Something in the Air

Rough seas and birds of prey conspired to swamp the SS Tiki Bar but, like a crazy ex-girlfriend, we keep showing up. Sometimes to beg for you to take us back. Sometimes just to watch you from across the street. Watching you work. Watching you sleep. Watching you go on long strolls with that sleazy tramp you picked up at Comic-con during a Drinkbot cos-play bathroom romp.*Curse you, whore bird!

Well we’re here to tell you that the peril has been parried. The wait is over. Better late than never. Onward and upward. Token Monkey has not been eaten. Tiki Bar TV is not over.

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(*Pics or it didn’t happen.)

  • mackmix

    Oh, it is a good day!!

  • jorn

    Quit trampling my daisies, you fucking skank! P.S. I love you. *burp*

  • http://www.megapornstash.com/ Silvester

    Thanks a bunch for the post. I

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