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After Hours at the Tiki Bar: Moonshine, Ninjas & Silver Balls

In case you missed the party! Here it is by popular demand.

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  • Mark Torromeo

    Awwww, good feelings. I miss all those peeps a bunch….even Ivan Ivan. Good Times.

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    It made me laugh. Laughed harder when I saw this. I miss the place and the people there. Hope to catch you all soon. I'm just busy with my work. Love it. =)

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    Great !!

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    Ha-ha, good post

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    Great job.

  • David Berman

    where’s Ivan Ivan?

  • David Berman

    where is Ivan Ivan?

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    The video made my day today I keep on laughing when I saw this.. I believe the people there are great and the place is awesome..

  • http://www.gettingbackforgood.com/how-to-get-your-ex-boyfriend-back/ Pamela Dickerson

    Where bar is this? It is still Christmas to them. I love the characters in the video. Awesome video

  • http://www.small-bathroom-designs.com/bathroom-vanitys.php William V. Sobers

    The people on the set were wo happy and I can’t help but join them laughing. Such a great video I really enjoyed watching it.

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     True that man, I myself miss such get together now .. life is too hectic for a few years now.

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