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Lala Guest hosts on The Digg Reel

Lala drops in over at Revision3 to kick back with Andrew, enjoy cocktails and introduce some videos.

  • CapnVulfie

    All I had to do it Black out the right side of my monitor, then it was very watchable ;)

  • http://flopyamacout.com Daniel

    That was incredibly strange!
    But enjoyable. :)

  • ThingUnderTheStairs

    Best episode of that pod cast I never watched before!

  • http://truckdriverblog.blogspot.com/ Aaron The Truck Driver

    Beer drunk is less thinkative. That guy ate the brown acid. And that's not a drug reference. Its the stuff that collects on top of your car battery and its brown. Dr Tiki RULES!

  • Rabikit

    I loved Lala's answer to why the episode releases have slowed down.


  • fine free booze

    I think Lala is working a side project.

  • http://twitter.com/_BuBBy_ BuBBy Oxide

    How did I miss this until now????

  • Gerard

    great, is there more?

  • Asmoody

    Andy put on the glasses and bow tie and Lala din't even hug him. I could tell he was crushed. Well join the club Andrew!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jp.myrtle Jp Myrtle

    I loved this interview, but I have never seen it.


  • Meester Bleester

    Love Lala. Hate Flash. Won’t Install. Can’t watch. Sad.

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