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Previously on Tiki Bar TV

Episode 1: Margaritaville
The first episode ever.

Episode 2: Suffering Bastard
A lounge lizard discovers a hangover’s only cure.

Episode 3: The Trap Door
AWOL bartender and relationship woes.

Episode 4: Hullabaloo
The tiki bar is a mess and Lala is even worse.

Episode 5: Trader Woody
A cursed tiki must be appeased.

Episode 6: Interlude
An intermezzo pleases the monkey.

Episode 7: Checker Challenge
Who will survive the shooter showdown?

Episode 8: London Fogcutter
A stiff upper lip savors a stiff drink.

Episode 9: Red Oktober
Red alert for orange vodka.

Episode 10: Drinkbot
Mixologist vs machine.

Episode 10 Outtakes
You can dress him up but you can’t take him out.

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