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Episode 45: The Commodore
"I've seen eagles carrying monkeys."

Your iPhone is Cool Again!

by Doctor Tiki

iPhone play

Extra features

That damn iPhone! Damn it to Hell! Not long ago the mere possession of an iPhone placed you high atop a pedestal of woot. Worshiped and idolized by the luddite masses. Now your mom has one.

So how to stand out and reestablish your savant-guard? With the Tiki Bar TV iPhone app! Get Tiki Wallpapers and the inside scoop on episodes via cast commentary tracks. Hear never before revealed secrets about behind-the-scenes tomfoolery.


From the innovative minds and good friends of Tiki over at Wizzard Media comes our podcast companion app. It allows for us to continue to insert wallpapers, commentaries and goodies on an ongoing basis. Available immediately at the iTunes Store.

Tiki Bar TV app features

  • Tiki Wallpapers
  • Bonus Cast Commentary (currently: The Wedding, The Play, Blue Hawaiian)
  • Tiki Store Coupons
  • Mark Episodes as favorites
  • Download Episodes within the App for Offline Entertainment
  • Follow via Twitter

Get the damn thing now!

After Hours at the Tiki Bar: Moonshine, Ninjas & Silver Balls

by Tiki God

In case you missed the party! Here it is by popular demand.

Lala Drowned??

by Doctor Tiki

Fear, horror, terror, fright, scariness, bad feelings, saddy. All words that I could think of to hook you into reading this. But seriously, that is what was felt all across America, Canada, The Europes and the other countries that are rumored to exist, when Lala plunged into the deep drink.

For the first time the International Academy of Web Television has released the shocking footage of Lala’s near-death experience. It all happened in the lead up to a live appearance by Doctor Tiki and Lala at the annual Streamy Award’s in Los Angeles. Watch now.

Yes Alex Albrecht did bribe us with 15 bucks and we duly turned over the award to him. That’s OK though, I charged $20 for him to be a guest star so I came out ahead.

Now make sure we get nominated for a Streamy this year!
Click here!

Episode 45 – The Commodore

by Doctor Tiki

Choose HIGH RES when viewing!

It wouldn’t be a new episode without new merchandise! Don’t get confused with different store URL’s. We’re transitioning from one thing to another it’s very complex but you don’t have to worry. There’s stuff here Shoptiki.com: and other stuff here. tikibartv.spreadshirt.com – We’re transitioning to get you more stuff in stock more of the time. Tiki God bless us, everyone. (Except for that Comic-con tramp.)

Tiki Holiday 09

Congrats to Mehmet C for triggering the release of this episode with a correct answer to our Twitter challenge!

There’s Something in the Air

by Doctor Tiki

Rough seas and birds of prey conspired to swamp the SS Tiki Bar but, like a crazy ex-girlfriend, we keep showing up. Sometimes to beg for you to take us back. Sometimes just to watch you from across the street. Watching you work. Watching you sleep. Watching you go on long strolls with that sleazy tramp you picked up at Comic-con during a Drinkbot cos-play bathroom romp.*Curse you, whore bird!

Well we’re here to tell you that the peril has been parried. The wait is over. Better late than never. Onward and upward. Token Monkey has not been eaten. Tiki Bar TV is not over.

New Episode today. Follow us on Twitter to be the first to know of its release.

(*Pics or it didn’t happen.)

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