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Episode 45: The Commodore
"I've seen eagles carrying monkeys."

Episode 44: Gypsy

by Doctor Tiki

Be sure to select HI REZ for maximum viewing satisfaction!

Day of the Tiki teaser

by Doctor Tiki

Here it is, your first look at some of the video computer game program ‘Day of the Tiki’.
We’ve been slaving away with Australia’s Secret Lab to concoct the best video game based on a tiki podcast ever!

PRESS RELEASE: Day of the Tiki

by Tiki God


Tiki Bar TV and Secret Lab Announce First
Official Tiki Bar TV Game: “Day of the Tiki”

May 5, 2009 – Video podcast pioneers Tiki Bar TV  (http://www.tikibartv.com) have joined forces with Secret Lab  (http://www.secretlab.com.au), an independent video game developer, to create video games based on the Tiki Bar TV video podcast. Read the rest of this entry »


by Tiki God

Introducing Tiki Bar TV Club Memberships!

Membership  has it's something-or-other

Now you can prove you are a member of an elite underground counterculture movement and finally be accepted by your peers. Here’s what you get:

Membership ID Card

Receive your very own, fully certified, signed, stamped and laminated membership card. These are official Learnstitute credentials awarding you full authority to practice the Tiki Sciences.

HD Dolby 5.1 Episodes

Surprise! Since setting sail in Episode 41, we have been shooting and mastering in Hi Definition 720p with a full Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound mix. All those episodes and every subsequent one are yours with membership. Not only that but (using Internet technology) we will deliver them right to your home at no extra cost. *Available for download after May 20 on May 22.

Dolby Digital

Bonus Footage

Don’t wait for the DVDs, now you can see outtakes no one else will get. View alternate takes you never knew existed, hold your head high with the inside scoop your friends will beg you to learn about.

Store Specials

Slash that sticker price with the razor sharp edge of your cost cutting club card. 15% off all merchandise in the store. Plus a chance to buy previously discontinued collectors items and products available only to members. You’ll get first dibs on much tiki goodness.


Secret Happy Hours

It’s no secret that the cast and crew are cocktail friendly. What is a secret is where said people pop in for a quick one. “What?” You say, “You mean pay to come meet you guys for a drink?” Don’t think of it that way, think of it as paying for our friendship. We do pop up in many cities, SF, LA, NYC, Vancouver, Toronto, Austin, London, San Diego to name a few.

Support the Revolution

You can’t put a price tag on knowing that you support creativity and independent internet television. You just can’t. But we can: $49.

That’s just $49 for a whole year of karma, cocktails, comedy, discounts and Dolby™. Think of the bragging rights alone.

Become a member now!

    Join before May 12th to get a signed picture of the cat.

    No wait. Cast! That’s what I meant. The cast. The cat won’t sign anything, he’s a prick.

Who is Gaming the System?

by Doctor Tiki

I’d like to tell you about some troubling things that we’ve noticed aboard the SS Tiki.

  • Doctor Tiki spotted a flock of flying red boxes off the starboard bow.
  • Drinkbot has been needing more Mai Tais than usual to stay operational.
  • The machinery that Johnny Johnny bought to help keep the ship afloat is making louder noises.
  • Lala found this vodka-soaked scrap of paper in the hold:


Egad! Do you know what this means ?? Read the rest of this entry »

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