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New Website!

CSS Tinderbox

It still has that fresh website smell. No, wait, that’s the bottle of 151 Johnny Johnny spilled.

Welcome to tikibartv.com 3.0. Built on the WordPress platform. The new site features the retro-swank design skills of Raymond Krause. We were trawling the web for designers when we came across a site that looked like Mr Ambassador himself might have made.

We dispatched agents and quickly converted Ray to the tiki side.

Packed house at DVD Release Party

Full house

A big thanks to all those who turned out to make a packed house for our DVD release party on December 4th at the historic Tonga Hut in North Hollywood, California. Dolby covered the bar tab for most of the night, which explains the condition in which many ended up. The drinks were strong and expertly crafted by talented bartenders. These mixologists did justice to the special cocktail menu which featured three drinks from the show.

The event marks the first time TIki Bar TV is available in full resolution for Seasons 3 & 4. It includes an hour of never before seen footage and Easter eggs. (Season 1 & 2 not yet available. They need a lot of care and attention to prepare for DVD)


Cheers to those who traveled from out of town to join us in celebrating.

Check out the photos!

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