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We Love Ning


I am darn suspicious of technology. I’ve seen firsthand what can happen when a Robot tries to find love in the bottom of a bottle. But one thing I do know is a good online party and ours is built on the Ning platform.

When it came time to upgrade from our old forums we were enticed by the killer create-your-own social network stylings of Ning.


I’ve personally never experienced better customer service or attention from any online company. If you haven’t joined our community then, damn it man, hurry up and do. If you are looking to start your own social network and don’t have two pennies to rub together well you can do it for free on Ning.

That’s right, a whole social network with full functionality for free. No, they haven’t paid me a red cent to endorse them, but when a company grows they become an easy target for criticism and I for one wish only to raise my tiki mug in salute to them! Oh, and join our community already, Johhny Johhny, Lala, Tiki Tosca, Mr. Ambassador, Miss Stella, Son of the Internet and myself, Doctor Tiki are waiting for you.

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