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Lala Drowned??

Fear, horror, terror, fright, scariness, bad feelings, saddy. All words that I could think of to hook you into reading this. But seriously, that is what was felt all across America, Canada, The Europes and the other countries that are rumored to exist, when Lala plunged into the deep drink.

For the first time the International Academy of Web Television has released the shocking footage of Lala’s near-death experience. It all happened in the lead up to a live appearance by Doctor Tiki and Lala at the annual Streamy Award’s in Los Angeles. Watch now.

Yes Alex Albrecht did bribe us with 15 bucks and we duly turned over the award to him. That’s OK though, I charged $20 for him to be a guest star so I came out ahead.

Now make sure we get nominated for a Streamy this year!
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The Award Nominated Set


When we decided it was time for Tiki Bar TV to hit the high seas for hi jinx we needed a new set to get us there. We called upon our good friend and talented production designer Mister Kim Bailey. Using ingenuity and a shoe string budget, Kim designed the new Tiki Bar set, rendered a complete 3D CG model for pre-visualization then set about building it.


It was all hands on deck and months of work by dedicated friends and volunteers that led to this ship’s christening. Now the noble set has been honored with a Streamy nomination for Best Art Direction in a Web Series. Documented here are the stages of it’s creation.

Bravo SS Tiki Bar! Bravo Kim Bailey!

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