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After Hours at the Tiki Bar: Moonshine, Ninjas & Silver Balls

In case you missed the party! Here it is by popular demand.

Day of the Tiki teaser

Here it is, your first look at some of the video computer game program ‘Day of the Tiki’.
We’ve been slaving away with Australia’s Secret Lab to concoct the best video game based on a tiki podcast ever!

The Award Nominated Set


When we decided it was time for Tiki Bar TV to hit the high seas for hi jinx we needed a new set to get us there. We called upon our good friend and talented production designer Mister Kim Bailey. Using ingenuity and a shoe string budget, Kim designed the new Tiki Bar set, rendered a complete 3D CG model for pre-visualization then set about building it.


It was all hands on deck and months of work by dedicated friends and volunteers that led to this ship’s christening. Now the noble set has been honored with a Streamy nomination for Best Art Direction in a Web Series. Documented here are the stages of it’s creation.

Bravo SS Tiki Bar! Bravo Kim Bailey!

Son of Internet to Return

Alex Albrecht to reprise his role as Bastard Illegitimate Son of the Father of the Internet (BISOTFOTI).

Alex Jeff and Lala

Alex Albrecht (Totally Rad Show, Diggnation) stunned audiences worldwide with his compelling performance of a man tormented by his oppressive master control father in the groundbreaking
Episode 20 – Son of Internet.

“I said I would come back only if the script was just right.”, says Albrecht. “When Jeff showed me the completed draft on the back of a cocktail napkin I was stunned. I said ‘Jeff, who is Cindi and why the hell are you giving me her number??’ He then turned it over and I saw it, the genius script that we had to make.”

Wednesday, unprincipled photography wrapped on the riveting revival sequel episode in which Alex’s character is said to seek “re-animation”. ‘Untitled Son of Internet Project’ is accepting suggestions for a title. The release date is yet to be announced but sources close to the *source indicate “about two weeks”.

(*The source is me.)

We’re having a Party and You’re Invited!!

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