About Tiki Bar TV

Tiki Bar TV was one of the first webseries ever to grace the prestigious "computer internet". We poured our first cocktail on March 15, 2005 when friends gathered in a Vancouver apartment with a vague idea for a show. For the next several years we served ad-libbed, sauced-up tales of barroom adventures. Eventually the bar ran dry but the magic never did.

What Happened?

The show got too expensive. Cast members were living in different cities and it was time for last call. It was unceremonious. But who knows what the last chapter is. Or what is the last chapter. It's not a book so the chapter analogy is a write-off. 

What's Happening Now?

Thank you for asking. We're remastering our back catalogue of episodes, many of which have never been seen in full resolution. They were shot on many formats and frame-rates so this takes time and has has mixed results. If you're a master of upscaling, deinterlacing, cadence correction, artifact futzing, dialogue isolation or reverb removal and have tips we're happy to hear them.

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What's Next?

We're going to pour a drink and keep fixing these episodes.